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Indian Incense - Gift Set

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Indian incense sticks support your meditation

With the help of Indian incense sticks you can become more aware of your breath during meditation. The scent opens your sense of smell and the breath flows deeper and becomes calmer. Your meditation can gradually deepen. Indian incense is often associated in our society with the scent of the Orient. But high quality Indian incense sticks, which are made of natural substances and are free of chemicals, smell unobtrusive and imperceptibly change the atmosphere in the room.

Incense sticks of different origin

In our assortment we have incense sticks with different origins from the Himalayan region of Tibet and India. The Tibetan incense sticks have a rather strong "dark", slightly woody smell. In contrast, the Indian incense sticks smell rather flowery fresh, sweetish and stimulating.

This gift set is an exquisite selection of the most popular incense sticks according to Tibetan recipe

Kailash Incense is handmade from highly aromatic medicinal herbs and other valuable substances. The main ingredients are saffron, nutmeg, cardamom, white sandalwood and some other noble substances. The combination of these genuine fragrances makes Kailash one of the best Tibetan incense sticks ever.

Kalachakra are traditional Tibetan incense sticks made by hand from flavorful medicinal herbs and other precious substances. The combination of genuine fragrances makes the Kalachara a pleasant smelling incense stick. Generally, these incense sticks are used for puja and purification, but it is also excellent as a stimulating air freshener. A very popular incense among our staff, it is often lit in our rooms in the morning hours.

Paljor Healing Incense is another traditional Tibetan incense made by hand from 31 medicinal herbs. According to tradition, it is excellent for alleviating disturbances of physical and emotional balance and relieving feelings of stress and strain. It is handmade under strict rules of a renowned incense master from Tibet.

Mila Incense is a traditional handmade Tibetan incense made from 28 different medicinal herbs. The scent is pure, rich, warm and is great for puja work, meditation or purifying the air.

Green Tara is a traditional Tibetan incense made by hand from flavorful medicinal herbs and other precious substances. It is suitable for many different applications; its mild distinctive scent reminds a bit of the scent of grass and hay.

    Short burning time, about 15 - 20 minutes.

    Contents per package about 14 pieces, about 15 cm long.

    Made in Tibet