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Buthan incense sticks - Pangchen

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Buthan incense sticks Pangchen and their healing effect

These "Pangchen" incense sticks are particularly rich in white sandalwood, which is mainly found in South India. Sandalwood is one of the most precious fragrances and has been used as an incense since time immemorial. It clears the mind, eliminates mental dullness and depressive thoughts. In combination with Himalayan herbs, it also helps to balance the mind and purifies the air and environment of negative energy.

Traditional Buthan incense sticks help you to become more aware of your own breath during meditation. Besides their calming effect, they open the sense of smell and the breath flows more deeply and steadily. This also calms the mind and enables us to dive deeper and more concentrated into meditation.

Natural buthan incense sticks create atmosphere

Our high quality incense sticks from Buthan, which are made from natural and fine ingredients such as white sandalwood, nutmeg and Tibetan herbs, noticeably change the atmosphere of a room. Unlike conventional incense sticks, however, they do so in a subtle and unobtrusive way.

Incense from India, Tibet and Bhutan

Our incense sticks all come from the Himalayan region of India, Tibet and the Kingdom of Bhutan. Especially our Bhutanese incense sticks are distinguished by particularly high quality and finest ingredients - their production has been a craft in Bhutan for centuries and is therefore a tradition.

approx. 21 incense sticks per pack

each approx. 20 cm long

Burning time approx. 30 - 40 minutes