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Meditation cushion Yoga moon BIO 12cm, red-orange

Our yoga half moon cushion in organic quality supports the upright sitting posture with crossed legs for practitioners with flexible hip joints.

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Yoga halfmoon red-orange in top quality - our crescent organic pillow

At first glance, this crescent-shaped meditation cushion made of cotton does not differ much from the other products in our range. But both the colors and the content are of exquisite quality and that is also controlled and certified. And so, by popular demand of our customers, we also have this crescent-shaped meditation cushion in organic quality.

Meditation and relaxation with sustainability

Where organic is on it, we certainly also have organic cotton in it. Our suppliers and we can guarantee that the quality of the goods also conforms to the labeling. We take care of that, so that you can calmly and calmly exercise your meditation and enjoy relaxed.

We pay attention to BIO quality

With this crescent-shaped meditation cushion made of organic cotton you can meditate optimally and satisfied. For the Yoga moon BIO we use a durable and durable cotton cover made of pure organic cotton. The workmanship of the fabric is crafted very solid and makes the moon pillow durable, so you will enjoy it for a long time.

Organic quality in six colors

We offer this crescent cushion made of organic cotton in six colors and it is certainly your favorite colors here.

The features of the meditation cushion yoga moon BIO in red-orange

The organic meditation cushion with a cotton kbA cover is of selected quality and Made in Germany. The colors are lightfast and the filling meets the organic quality standard. At a weight of about 2.4, this meditation cushion Crescent is still comfortable to handle. The cotton kbA cover has a handle loop, but no border. On the underside there is a zipper that allows you to remove filler from the inlay and thereby adapt the cotton meditation cushion kbA to your seating requirements. Due to the crescent shape, you have enough room in the cross-legged position for your crossed feet.

  • Half moon shape
  • Size seat 42 x 10cm, height 12cm
  • cover organic cotton - half panama
  • zip on cotton cover organic
  • with buckwheat husk filling organic in the ticking
  • Cover washable at 30°C
  • Weight approx. 2,4 kg

Made by people with disabilities