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Meditation cushion PROFI 5cm, yellow

The meditation cushion Profi in yellow is a light, low seat cushion that you can also use as a travel cushion.

Product number: K3X4X0103

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The flat yoga cushion in yellow offers comfort and lightness

The meditation cushion Profi with low height and small size is primarily intended for people who can already sit well on a low meditation cushion. However, you should adopt a fairly comfortable sitting posture in which the spine is straightened without prolonged sitting becoming uncomfortable and causing pain in the back.

Comfort and lightness characterise this rectangular meditation cushion. Due to its small size, you can also take the meditation cushion with you to the meditation or yoga studio. It is easy to store and even lighter with the kapok filling.

In addition, with our professional cushion you have a comfortable neck cushion for lying positions, so that you can really enjoy the relaxation phases.

The filling determines the use

We offer the Profi meditation cushion with two different fillings, which you can choose according to your needs.  Buckwheat hulls have a low filling volume, which means that more filling material is needed in the yoga cushion and the cushion becomes somewhat heavier. At the same time, the cushion adapts better to your sitting habits.

The cushion with kapok filling is lighter, firmly stuffed and the kapok retains its natural shape even after prolonged use. Kapok is insensitive to moisture and makes the Profi cushion an ideal travel companion.

Professional meditation cushion yellow in top quality

Cotton twill fabric is a hard-wearing material and is made in Germany. The cotton nettle used for the ticking with zip is also from our German supplier. The covers and ticking are made in German workshops by people with physical or mental disabilities.

Quality at a fair price

As already mentioned, we attach great importance to high-quality fabrics. That is why we have chosen a German supplier. We can also guarantee the longevity of our professional cushions by manufacturing them in the workshops for the disabled. The cotton cover is removable and washable. The filling material can also be removed from the ticking and the ticking can also be washed.

  • Yoga cushion or cushion for rest
  • Can be used as traveling cushion
  • Cover from 100% cotton twill with zipper
  • Inlet: untreated cotton with zipper, made from 100% cotton
  • Measurements: 40 x 20 x 7 cm
  • Weight: about 0,8 kg, depending on the filling
  • Filling: buckwheat spelt or kapok fiber
  • Washable up to 30° C
  • Produced by handicapped people