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SINGING BOWL Nada Yoga - Ø 14cm ca. 650g

650g and Ø 14cm

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Harmonious sounding singing bowl

Nada means "vibration" or "sound" in the ancient Indian language Sanskrit. Nada Yoga means something like "harmonious connection with the sound". This is wonderfully true of this singing bowl. Its beautiful sound is perceived as very harmonious and pleasant.

This is what distinguishes the singing bowl Nada Yoga:

- For sound massage, work with children, meditation, mindfulness exercises.

- Beautiful craftsmanship from Nepal

- Harmonious sound

Unmistakable unicum from traditional production

The singing bowl was hammered in elaborate handwork and sounds very even and beautiful. The manual processing is expressed very nicely in the slightly irregular, matte shiny surface.

Nepal is located in the famous Himalayan Mountains and has a long tradition in the production of singing bowls. The manufacturing is done in small workshops and is a sweaty affair. The composition of the metal is a secret and has a significant effect on the sound quality.

First, a metal disk is made to glow. Then, several men manually drive the shell out of the disk bit by bit with hammers, using a great deal of strength and skill. Many operations of annealing and driving are necessary until the final shape is achieved.

Finally, the shell is smoothed. It receives its beautiful shine through extensive hand polishing. The production of the Nada Yoga takes about 30 hours. Due to the handwork and the changing composition of the metal, each singing bowl never sounds exactly like the other.

The small irregularities and blackenings on the surface of the bowl are typical of the handcrafted manufacturing process. This makes each piece unmistakably unique.

The larger the singing bowl, the deeper is usually its tone. They have a warm and full sound with long-lasting vibrations. This large singing bowl is an enrichment of your relaxation rituals as a meditation aid. With this large singing bowl you can initiate and conclude your meditation. The persistent sound gives peace and harmony.

Without assignment of planetary tones

Weight approx. 650 gram

Diameter approx. 14 cm