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Singing bowl OM - Ø 11cm approx. 350g

ca. 350 gramm; Ø 11 cm

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A classic singing bowl with OM engraving

The singing bowl OM is a classic hand-beaten singing bowl with an elegant engraved OM symbol on the inside. The specified diameter is not mandatory, as the bowls are handmade and therefore the diameter may vary slightly.

Hand beaten singing bowls of excellent quality

The production of a beaten or hand-beaten singing bowl is an extensive and artisanal process. Each individual singing bowl is carefully hand beaten. Several steps are required to form and finish a completed hand-hammered singing bowl in order to achieve the correct shape and a pure tone. To do this, the various raw metals (copper, tin, zinc, lead, iron, gold and silver) are melted in a furnace. The composition of the raw metals depends on what type of singing bowl is to be made.

The molten metal is first poured into a round disc mold. In the further manufacturing process, the discs are repeatedly heated red hot and beaten into shape by several excellent artisans until the metal reaches the desired size and shape. The metal can only ever be red hot, as it is then soft and malleable. When the metal cools, it loses its suppleness and pliability and becomes brittle, rendering the singing bowl unusable. Hand-beaten singing bowls are therefore individual and always different in weight, size and diameter.

Finally, the singing bowls are smoothed and cleaned inside and outside and as a finish the OM is chiseled in.

A small singing bowl with its slightly lighter tone is an enrichment of your relaxation rituals. The persistent sound gives peace and harmony. The smaller the singing bowl, the higher its tone usually is.

They have a warm and full sound with long-lasting vibrations. 

Without assignment of planetary tones

Weight approx. 350 gram

Diameter approx. 11 cm