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Meditation cushions und yoga mats in hight quality

Who we are

LOTUS DESIGN® was formed in 1986 as a branch of Nyingma Zentrum Deutschland e. V., a non-profit association for the promotion of Tibetan Buddhism. Initially meditation cushions were produced, for internal use and for sale in the association bookshop. Soon after the cushions were also sold to other meditation centres, esoteric bookshops and furniture companies.

Since 1994 LOTUS DESIGN® has been an independent company, a subsidiary of Nyingma Zentrum Deutschland e. V.

Over the intervening years the range of products and the turnover has increased steadily, so that today we are able to offer a wide selection of goods for yoga, relaxation, meditation and therapy throughout Europe.

Meanwhile eight permanent employees take care of the smooth and rapid processing of your orders and their shipment throughout Europe.

We were able to attract three of our young colleagues through the support of the vocational training centre of the Michaelshoven Diakonie [welfare organisation] in the Rodenkirchen district of Cologne, and were able to open up a new professional perspective for them in our company by means of supportive integration.

''We are committed to quality and to social responsibility!''


During development and production, we always make sure to use only natural, high-quality materials as much as possible. That is why we also offer our meditation cushions in certified organic quality. Our yoga articles, such as yoga mats and yoga blocks, are made in Taiwan and examined here in Germany by the SGS Institut Traunstein for their harmless pollutant content. You can request the test results from us at any time. We are constantly striving to improve the quality and selection of our goods and are grateful for any suggestions.


Our products are made almost exclusively in recognised disabled workshops in Germany. For example, the leather workshops, that for many years now have been sewing meditation cushions, sleeping pillows etc. in various different shapes and colours for Lotus Design® and Lotus Natural Sleep®. The experience and high quality awareness of these operations ensure long-lasting products. At the same time, through the cooperation with these operations, we can assure their economic existence in the German marketplace.

Social responsibility

Menschen mit Behinderung

Lotus Design is a company where people with and without disabilities work together. The proportion of seriously disabled employees in our company is currently 50%. Salaries are paid in accordance with normal local conditions. Through this integration of persons with disabilities into a "normal" employee-employer relationship we make a contribution that transcends purely commercial activity in the marketplace. To a large extent we employ seriously disabled persons, whose participation in other occupations in the general employment market would normally come up against difficulties.

Our goal is the permanent establishment of work places for seriously disabled persons under standard market conditions, as well as the cooperation and general employment of disabled and non-disabled persons. In doing so we do not considerer ourselves a "special operation" but rather we work in the same way as other commercial enterprises - competition oriented as an business within the general employment market.

Yoga and us

Alongside the commercial aspects of our work, with our articles we would also like to contribute towards the growing number of people in today's fast-living and stressful times who are engaging in different exercise systems to yoga, relaxation, meditation and therapy.

Therefore both one of our trained employees and the Nyingma Zentrum Deutschland e. V. in Cologne, offer regular "Kum Nye".

The Tibetan healing yoga "Kum Nye" (pronounced: Kum Nje) is an exercise system from Tibet for relaxing, stimulating psycho-physical energy and for loosening barriers in the energy system. It has its roots on the one hand in the Tibetan yoga system of Nying-thig tsa-lung (yoga of the subtle energies), and on the other hand in the medical tradition of Tibet. "Kum Nye" should not be confused with the practise of the Five Tibetan Rites.

The healing effect of "Kum Nye" was investigated by Prof. Dr. Peter Machemer, from the psychology faculty at the University of Osnabrück, and his colleagues. Several scientific research papers prove the effectiveness of "Kum Nye" with psychosomatic illnesses and for the prevention of stress or stress management.

The information on Tibetan healing yoga comes from Wikipedia