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Yoga Bolster are versatile and incredibly good

Yoga bolsters support healthy posture. They help you gently open your chest, ribs and abdomen; they can promote blood flow to your major organs, encourage calm breathing or reduce fatigue and stress in the body and mind. 

Here we have put together 4 great uses for the yoga bolster for you. You can practice them for about 5 to 20 minutes each. Close your eyes, relax your breath and enjoy. If the posture doesn't feel good, adjust the yoga bolster until you feel comfortable with it.
Practise one of the following exercises for about 5 to 20 minutes. Close your eyes, relax your breath and enjoy. The key is always to feel comfortable. If it doesn't feel right, then adjust the yoga bolster until you feel totally comfortable. We are all unique and your body knows what it needs.

1. Matsyasana - opening the chest
Lie on your back with the yoga bolster across your upper spine below your shoulder blades. Your bottom is on the floor. In addition, we recommend a blanket or pillow under your neck to allow the neck-head-shoulder area to relax deeply. 

This pose is wonderful for opening the front of your body (abdomen, ribs and heart). The organs in the abdomen are better supplied with blood and digestion is gently supported. Also highly recommended to alleviate the effects of long hours of hunched sitting in front of a computer.

2. Balasana - The Supported Child's Posture 
Kneel down and pull the bolster between your legs. Then gently lie face down on the bolster so that the front of your body rests on the bolster. Adjust the position until you feel really comfortable; close your eyes and breathe relaxed and easy. 

While resting in this position, breathe into the area of your kidneys. This is a simple way to use the breath to gently relax the muscles in the sacrum and lower back. Supported child's pose also serves as a remedy for insomnia and a restless mind.

3. Legs up against the wall with bolster
Lie on your back in front of a wall with your buttocks facing the wall and stretch your legs upwards. Simply slide the yoga bolster under your bottom to raise the lower spine area a little. You will feel a gentle opening in your lower back. You may need to adjust the position of the bolster again. After a short time you can feel a slight relaxation, which stimulates the blood circulation and improves the flow of energy. This position refreshes the lungs and heart, brings more blood flow to your abdominal area, rests your tired legs and helps you to calm the mind.

4. Lying in savasana - the relaxation position
Lie on your back with your legs slightly apart and your feet falling outwards. The arms are slightly away from the body, the palms face upwards, the fingers are slightly curled and relaxed. Keep your mouth slightly open to release any tension in your jaw and neck. All these seemingly insignificant small steps are helpful in inviting the body to relax and let go of tiredness, worry and stress.

Additionally, you can place the yoga bolster under your knees so that your knees and feet can hang over the yoga bolster. You may feel this create more space in your lower back. Enjoy the relaxation deeply.

The bottom line: your body will feel deeply supported when resting on a yoga bolster. This in turn allows you to loosen up, relax and regenerate.