Rolls and bolsters

Yoga rolls and yoga bolsters are practical yoga aids in Yoga and Pilates for the optimal support in many asanas.

We carry rolls and bolsters in this category which are irreplaceable for a balanced yoga. They support, relieve, give support and prevent injury.

Optimal Support for Different Requirements

Yoga rolls and yoga bolsters are practical aids which continually gain importance in Pilates as well. Due to their different forms, they can be used in manifold ways and offer optimal support in many asanas and Pilates exercises. But these aids can also be well used in phases of relaxation.

Yoga Bolster and Yoga Roll to relieve the Muscles

You can use the Yoga bolster both for stretching the ribcage for better breathing and for comfortable sitting. The soft, long yoga roll is well-suited especially for taller people to stretch the ribcage.  The Yoga-roll supports you strengthening the muscles in your Yoga- and Pilates practice.

Neck-roll or Yoga Bolster in the Relaxation Phase

The neck roll is a pleasant support to facilitate the cervical spine in a Shavasana. You can rest your head comfortably on the neck roll without overstretching the cervical spine. You will not want to do without these perfect Yoga aids any more. For example you can use a bolster especially effective in exercises that strengthen the muscles of the upper body. Of course the yoga roll also supports you in all other postures. Among other things, the neck roll or the flat yoga bolster is perfectly suitable also as an additional soft base for resting your head.

Flexible Filling Materials for Optimal Comfort

The filling materials, whether spelt or buckwheat, snuggle gently to the body. Due to the spelt filling, the yoga bolster seems rather firm, whereas the cotton filling makes it rather pleasantly soft. Most Yoga aids can be transported very well with the strap.