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Yoga mats

You are looking for a yoga mat? We offer a large variety of different types of yoga mats in PVC, TPE and natural rubber. Here you will find your perfect yoga mat.

You want to buy a yoga mat?

Everyone who likes to buy a slip resistant and soft yoga mat faces a large variety of yoga mats that is sometimes overwhelming. Please read thereto also our interview with Christoph Bangert, who gives a nice overview of the market for yoga mats.
Hereafter we would like to give you a rough survey about the different types of yoga mats, which you can find in our yoga mat online shop. At Lotus Design you can order your suitable yoga mat. You can choose out of a selection of different types for all common yoga stiles like Bikram yoga, Iyengar yoga, Asthanga yoga, Hatha Yoga, more. No matter if you just start or if you are already an experiences yogi or yogini, through us you can purchase the yoga mat you are looking for, in best Lotus Design quality. Because we know, for the yoga practice to be healthy and enjoyable, the choice of the right yoga mat is crucial. We would like to assist you in that.

Beginners: the yoga mat called “Trend”

The yoga mat “Trend” is also called ECO PVC and is a simple yoga mat for an attractive price. This heavy-duty yoga mat is also perfect for all first-time users! This mat is made from PVC; it has a pimpled surface, is elastic and can be used either side up. The PVC-yoga mat has particularly good absorption qualities. This yoga mat is available in different colors and in two different  thicknesses. Imprinted as “Yogamat Sun Salutation”, this Eco PVC yoga mat is a big help, especially for beginners. This way, they carry one of the fundamental practice sequences of Yoga always with them, whether in the yoga studio or at home.

Advanced – Power Yoga: The “Yoga mat Oeko-Tex”

The yoga mat Oeko-Tex is a very hard-wearing yoga mat which can be found often in well-equipped yoga studios. This extremely hard-wearing yoga mat made from PVC is especially well suited for the more intensive kinds of yoga, including Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga. This yoga mat is available in different sizes, thicknesses and colors. This very durable yoga mat has the Oeko-Tex100 label. You can be sure that sweat on these yoga mats will not cause any skin irritation etc.

Advanced – Eco-yoga mat: The “TPE” yoga mat

The TPE yoga mat is made from a material which is biologically degradable.  This yoga mat is soft but still has a good grip. The TPE yoga mat is two-colored and can be used with either side up. Since the surface of this two-colored yoga mat is a little more sensitive than that of the other studio yoga mats we recommend not to use the TPE yoga mat for the more intensive kinds of yoga.

Yoga mat for soft yoga styles

Some kinds of yoga are softer than others. Therefore you also find in our assortment the yoga mat new wool. As an anti-slip basis it contributes to the success of your yoga practice and, being soft and comfortable when you lie on it, it protects the relaxation against cold from the floor. This yoga mat has an overlay of pure new wool, shaven from the live sheep. Underneath is antislip latex. In our yoga shop, you find a fitting yoga mat tote bag in order to carry the yoga mat new wool safely to the next yoga training.