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Oeko-Tex yoga mats

The yoga mat Oeko Tex combines all the qualities that a good but still cheap yoga mat should have. It is non-slip, stretchy, odorless and produced in Germany. It is tested for harmless substances.

OEKO-Tex - yoga mat: durable and yoga-studio-suitable

Are you a yoga teacher or a yoga school? Are you in the process of equipping a gym with yogamats and yogic accessories, and consider what hardy yogamats are best for frequent use? The Oeko-Tex yoga mats is the perfect understated to equip a yogastudio or a fitness center with a high-quality yoga mat. Due to the material selection and the composition, this PVC yoga mat has been designed for frequent use as it is typical of yoga center. These yoga mats are very durable and durable at the same time.

Yoga mat - Made in Germany

Especially with yoga mat many people pay attention to the origin and the manufacturer. We also! The OEKO-Tex-yoga mat is tested according to the stringent OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 P.1 certificate (also called Baby-Standard). These PVC yogamats consist of solid vinyl foam with internal polyester fabric and have a relatively grippy surface. The 3 mm and 4.5 mm thick yogamats are particularly dense, stretchy and shock-absorbent. We guarantee you long durability, low abrasion, best soil adhesion and functionality with these Öko Tex-yoga mats. These yoga mats have an inserted glass yarn fabric, which protects this exercise mats perfectly against overstretch and guarantees the long durability.

One thing, however, we are concerned about: The perspiration of the yogamats is restricted by perspiration or moisture because the material of the PVC yogamats is not absorbent. When a moisture or grease film forms on the yoga mat, it automatically loses grip.

Yoga mats in many sizes

Lotus Design can offer you these Oeko-Tex Yogamats "Standard" and "Premium" in lengths up to 200 cm and widths up to 80 cm. Thus, even large people can enjoy a sufficiently large and hard-wearing yet favorable yoga mat practicing yoga. These yoga mats you can even put into the washing machine; A very practical solution for hot yoga classes, bikram studios, vinyasa or power yoga studios.