Yoga mat natural rubber

The yoga mat made of natural rubber is the perfect yoga mat not only for yoga beginners but also for advanced yogis. High-quality yoga mats made of natural rubber are the first choice for the environment as well.

Top Yoga mat with best price performance

This yoga mat made of natural rubber is not only suitable for yogis beginners, but also in the quality and style of every yogamatte on the market, so that it can also be the first choice for advanced yogis. This yogamat is two-colored and each side has its own structure, which provides it additional skid resistance. Due to the chosen thickness of 5 mm, this yogamat is an ideal natural rubber mat for a lot of yogis in different yogastiles. It has an inlaid polyester fabric that protects the yoga mat, the material is foamed, giving it an excellent elasticity and shock absorption.

Natural rubber mat - not just for yoga beginners

If you are looking for a high-quality, non-slip yoga mat made of natural rubber, which is also an excellent price-performance ratio, then you will be very satisfied with this yoga mat. It has all the features that characterize a good yoga mat. It is pleasantly grippy and suitable for many yoga pursuits with a length of 183 cm.

The Eco Grip Yogamat is environmentally friendly

Due to its composition, this yogamatte is a natural product. On giant plantations in Asia or South America, rubber is extracted from the milky juice of the rubber tree. This liquid is converted into solid form by vulcanization and yogamats such as these are obtained. Thus, natural rubber yogamats do not contain phthalates (softeners) and the mats can be used by people of all ages. They are produced on the island of Taiwan by companies with many years of experience and are checked there by the SGS Institute for the harmful harmless substances.

This yogamat is easy to care for

Even a natural rubber yoga mat requires a good care so that it can last for a long time. When you have completed your sweaty yoga exercises, you should clean this non-slip yogamat with a damp cloth, remove stains, and then hang on to the balcony to dry and ventilate. As a result, the mat does not take on an unpleasant smell and the natural smell of rubber, which at the beginning is somewhat stronger in production conditions, evaporates after a short time. Please do not place this yogamatte in the washer or dryer. Rubber always has its own moisture content, which makes the material supple. In the washing machine and during high heat, the yogamatte loses its suppleness and becomes brittle.