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Neti Pot OM - natural

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Ceramic nasal rinsing pot

This beautiful, natural-coloured nasal rinsing pot (Neti Pot) serves to efficiently cleanse and care for the nose and throat area. Rinsing the nose with salt water is also called Jala Neti and belongs to the six yogic cleansing exercises, the so-called Shat Kriyas. This Neti pot is elaborately made of glazed ceramic and has an OM on it.

NETI is the original name for the cleansing of the airways in the nasal area. These rinses cleanse the nasal mucosa and are found to be very pleasant by users. They are very easy to perform and can contribute to a harmonious balance in the nasal area.

Lukewarm water, approx. 0.5l and approx. half a teaspoon of salt 4.5g produces salt water with the correct salt concentration (0.9%).