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Head stand stool - Feet Up

d 64 cm, w 40 cm, h 40 cm

Product number: U22701049

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Easier into Headstand with feed up

The headstand is referred to as one of the basic postures in yoga. When used regularly, it can be a significant contribution for the wellbeing of body and mind. This headstand stool feed up makes it easy for you to learn headstand. It is ideal for both beginners and advanced practitioners to get familiar with this demanding yoga exercise. It is a typical yoga prop, which originates from the Iyengar Yoga. If you put the yoga stool with the padded back against a wall, you prevent slipping and can then move slowly into the headstand exercise. Due to the upholstery, the body rests gently on the shoulders; while neck and cervical spine are relieved. Pressure on the head that usually arises with headstand is completely eliminated and the head is pleasantly perfused.

Head stand stool in best quality

The frame of this stool is made of limed layers of firm beech wood; thus, it is stable in shape.

The legs are fitted with PVC caps against slipping. The edges are liberally rounded to make the stool handy. The connecting hinges are high-quality processed, so you will enjoy this stool for a long time.

Demountable and limed stable in shape

Solid upholstery with plastic cover
Stable and robust design
Weight approx. 4.0 kg
Dimensions: depth 64 cm, width 40 cm, height 40 cm
Color: Natural wood lacquered
Carrying capacity up to 120 kg

To prevent unnecessary injuries, we recommend to use this stool by yourself alone only if you already had experience with the utilization and feel familiar with handling.