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Pilates Roll PRO

Available in three lengths

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Pilates roll PRO

Here you will find form stability, high-density Pilates fitness roll for fascia self-massage.

The extremely robust fascia roller is designed not only for private use, but also for professional use in the studio or in personal training. Compared to a shorter roll, the 45, 60 and 90 cm roll offers a larger range of exercises (especially along the spine), allowing simultaneous treatment of several muscle groups, as well as optimized execution reliability. Material: EPP (expandable polypropylene), harmless, recyclable, odorless The Pilates EPP products differ in degree of hardness. Thus, all blue articles are harder and thus more functional in their application than the gray products with their somewhat softer design, which thus also have a smoother effect in their application. Multifunctional: Fascia training, yoga, pilates, balance and functional training, fitness, performance sport, club and school sports, physiotherapy, self-massage, rehabilitation, strengthening, mobilization.

Material: EPP foam (expanded polypropylene)
Odorless, robust, dimensionally stable
Measurements: 45, 60 or 90 cm long
Diameter 15 cm

Features of this Pilates role

EPP foam is a substance which is harmless to humans and the environment; The subsequent disposal is unproblematic.

The PP particle foam is composed of carbon and hydrogen elements and therefore belongs to the organic materials.

The foam particles are produced and processed without CFC-containing propellants or other halogenated substances.

The content of the foam beads consists of air and is free of cadmium, lead or other heavy metal compounds.