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Yoga Mat Southern Ocean Mat 4mm-ocean turquoise

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Natural rubber yoga mat in ocean turquoise - for the sake of the environment!

We have previously had this yoga mat tested for its suitability for yoga, and especially Ashtanga, Bikram and Spirit Yoga, and are convinced of the qualities of this yoga mat. This natural rubber mat has excellent surface properties. At the same time, it is environmentally friendly and recyclable. With this yoga mat made of natural rubber, you get an excellent product at a fair price.

The special features of the Ocean Mat

This yoga mat consists of 1.9kg FSC-certified eco natural rubber and 400g recycled natural rubber. The inner fabric is made of 120g cotton (organically grown).
The mat is made of natural rubber, a renewable and easily degradable natural material. It is constructed in three layers; the top and bottom have been glued to the inner cotton mesh using high heat. This avoids the use of toxic adhesives.

    Natural rubber unicoloured
    Surfaces with light structure
    Can be used on both sides
    absolutely non-slip and non-slip
    size: 183 x 61 cm
    Colour: ocean turquoise
    Thickness: approx. 4.0 mm
    Especially non-slip, stretchy and shock-absorbing
    Hand wash only
    Weight: 2,4 kg
    Top price-performance ratio

FSC certified eco natural rubber & recycled natural rubber; 100% natural and plastic free; Zero Waste Production | CO2 Neutral | 100% Non-Slip
With your purchase you support the worldwide protection of whales and dolphins; 1% of the sales will be donated to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation.
If you sweat a lot on your yoga mat, wipe it down thoroughly with a damp cloth after use. Avoid soap or chemical cleaners. Avoid soap or chemical cleaners, use a vinegar/water solution in a ratio of 1:3. When cleaning the surface, be careful not to use sharp or pointed objects. Allow the mat to dry thoroughly before rolling it up. Do not expose it to prolonged sunlight, as this will cause the material to become porous.
Have fun with this excellent yoga mat!