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Yoga mat OM-Mandala 4,5mm, 183x61cm, petrol

All-round yoga mat in petrol with non-slip knobbed structure and great mandala print. Very durable and dimensionally stable material, Oekotex certified - Made in Taiwan.

Product number: M33500213

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The mandala is not an asana in yoga, but a tool that can calm and relax the body when viewed. Mandalas are able to focus the mind on the essentials so that the soul can achieve general balance and contentment.

PVC yoga mat Mandala in petrol - non-slip in the studio or at home

With the PVC yoga mat Mandala you always have a mandala with you, which offers you the possibility to concentrate and relax at the same time during the exercise sequences and in the asana postures, whether in the yoga studio or at home.

The pictorial representation of OM on the yoga mat guides your gaze to the essentials during practice, namely to breathing and relaxation. This keeps you focused and in the flow of your breathing. With the Mandala yoga mat you are completely with yourself and your yoga and the mat becomes an indispensable and helpful companion.

A yoga mat in petrol with quality

The quality of this Eco-PVC yoga mat corresponds to that of the TREND yoga mat, which is characterised by a particularly good price-performance ratio. The PVC yoga mat, which has been tested for its ingredients, is non-slip, stretchable and shock-absorbing with a thickness of 4.5 mm. We have chosen this yoga mat for printing because this PVC yoga mat is especially suitable for yoga beginners so that you can perform your exercises in a concentrated and relaxed way.

The features of the Mandala yoga mat in petrol

PVC mat with Oeko-Tex certificate
Colour: aubergine or petrol
Size 183 x 61 cm
Weight approx. 1,4 kg
Thickness 4,5 mm
Please hand wash only, wash separately
Do not put in the dryer
Perspiration or moisture can affect the grip of any PVC yoga mat, as the material of PVC yoga mats is not absorbent and a film of moisture or grease on the yoga mat can automatically lead to a loss of grip.