Tingshas or Tibetan cymbals are of high quality. There are shining cymbals or decorated cymbals decorated with the eight auspicious symbols.

What are Tibetan cymbals?

Cymbals are ritual and sound instruments that are also called Tibetan Tingshas or hand cymbals. These are two small basins made of brass or bronze, which are connected with a leather strap. There are bare cymbals or decorated cymbals that are decorated with the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism, the Ashtamangala.

Cymbals for meditation and sound massage

Our cymbals come almost exclusively from Tibet. Tibetan cymbals have a high tone frequency, are rich in overtones and are therefore particularly effective in the head area. The sound of cymbals brings clarity and alertness, which is why they are often used at the beginning and end of meditation or at the end of the sound massage.

Cymbals for room cleaning

In Feng Shui, cymbals are used for energetic room cleaning. The high frequencies are supposed to clean the atmosphere and open the room.

Other uses for a cymbal

    aura cleaning
    energy work
    Yoga nidra
    Attention to high noise levels (for example at school or kindergarten)

Characteristics of our cymbals

We offer cymbals made of bronze with a diameter of 6 cm or 7 cm, which can be decorated as well as bare. The weight is approx. 300 g.