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Tibetan cymbals smooth or with ornaments

Our Tibetan cymbals with a smooth surface or with ornaments have a long tradition in Buddhist ceremonies and ritual offerings. In India they are also used to accompany traditional folk songs (bhajans). Cymbals have a beautiful, high and clear tone that is mainly perceived in the head area. The bright sound is supposed to bring alertness, clarity and concentration. Tibetan cymbals are used wherever attention needs to be drawn, such as at the beginning and end of a meditation or at the end of a sound massage. The cymbals consist of two smooth or ornamented bronze cymbals, which are connected by a leather strap. They have a nice, lasting sound.

To make the cymbals sound, the edges of the cymbals are struck vertically and gently from top to bottom.

Tibetan cymbals smooth or with ornaments Material:

bronze Length of leather cord: approx. 45 cm

Weight: approx. 310 g

Size: approx. 6 - 7.5 cm

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