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Aroma lamp

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Lotus Design

Aroma lamp - an eye-catcher in the room

Who does not know the aroma lamp or incense burner, which is used in many households in Germany, especially in the dark autumn and winter seasons and just before Christmas, to perfume the air-conditioned rooms to create a homely and fragrant atmosphere.

But also in meditation and in yoga, there are the rituals of enriching the space and its atmosphere with fragrant fragrances and thereby promoting meditation or yoga and promoting relaxation during practice. For the most part, essential oils dissolved in water are heated and evaporated over the heat source of a tea light. The aroma of the oils is released and fills the room with its unique fragrance.

Quality Made in Germany

The products have been crafted with care and attention to detail. For this purpose, only high-quality clays from the region of the Westerwald are used and the glazes are naturally made without chemicals such as lead, cadmium or tin. All of these products are handmade with selected raw materials; each piece is unique.
We appreciate the quality of these products, as well as the service and flexibility of this supplier.