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Fragrance Stone

Pottered by hand; Made in Germany

Art.No.: 920022

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Lotus Design

Fragrance Stone to drizzle with essential oil

Fragrance stones are a wonderful way to give rooms that are not permanently supervised a pleasant and unique fragrance. In addition to the aroma lamps, they are a classic alternative to room scenting with essential oils. Drip a few drops of one of our fragrance oils onto the white fragrance stone and the fragrance spreads to a pleasant note that can fill the whole room. The scent stones can be wonderfully cleaned again in soapy water, so that they can also be used for different scents - maybe different depending on the season.

    Outside: basalt tone rough surface
    Inside: thaler or cone white smooth
    hand pottery
    dishwasher safe
    without glaze
    made in Germany

Size: lower part ø 8 cm, upper part Taler or cone ø 5.5 cm

Quality made in Germany

The products have been manufactured with care and attention to detail. Only high-quality clays from the region of the Westerwald are used for this, and the glazes naturally do without chemicals such as lead, cadmium or tin. All of these products are handcrafted with selected raw materials; each piece is therefore unique.
We appreciate the quality of these products, as well as the service and flexibility of this supplier.

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