Room Spray and Diffuser

Our organic room sprays and fragrance oils are easy to handle, give a pleasant fragrance and create a relaxed indoor climate.

Room diffusers increase the sense of well-being in the room

Who doesn't know this: you enter a room and a somewhat unpleasant smell comes your way. Already we have a certain reluctance to enter the room at all and maybe we immediately associate the smell with our counterpart. But that doesn't have to be the case and you can do something about it. One is constant ventilation and the other is to improve the air in the room and thus the atmosphere in the room by means of a certain room scent.

Smells or odours are very quickly absorbed by the brain and classified accordingly; certain scents and aromas can cause hunger, tiredness or sympathy. And the brain stores these scents and can recognise them again at any time, so that memories can unfold in us, even if they date back a very long time.

And so the atmosphere in the yoga studio or meditation room can also be influenced and directed. In this way, the following fragrance is predicted to have its corresponding effects:

Lemon aromas - for example, promote concentration and have a refreshing and invigorating effect
Lavender scent soothes - relieves anxiety and promotes balance
Vanilla or Ylang-Ylang - can reduce stress and have a mood-lifting effect
Peppermint - can revitalise the mind
Jasmine - is a pleasantly calming and brightening fragrance and can have a warming, encouraging and strengthening effect
Scent of Swiss stone pine - has a relaxing, harmonising effect

We have put together different fragrances for different atmospheres, with which you can liven up your room accordingly.