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Pine Fragrant Wood "GLOBE"

height 9 cm, Ø 9 cm, incl. Chips & Oil

Art.No.: 943220

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The Natural Fragrance of the Queen of the Alps

The Swiss stone pine (Pinus harpsichord) is a very old type of tree, which from a biological point of view belongs to the family of pine trees (Pinaceae). Traditional traditions and knowledge about this tree attribute to it a beneficial effect for relaxation, healthy sleep and deep relaxation. For these reasons, it was used to make ceilings, beds, crèches and other bedroom furniture. The Swiss stone pine is therefore
also called the "Queen of the Alps".

In recent times, scientific studies * have confirmed these positive effects that Swiss stone pine has on people. With our Swiss pine products you can bring the scent of Swiss pine into your home and enjoy the aroma in your personal environment.

The stone pine brings the natural scent of the forest into the house, helps to relieve unpleasant smells and fills every room with a fresh and calming energy. This fragrance, which is pleasant for us, also sells insects and moths.

Application: You only have to add the pine chips that have been added to the fragrance wood and add 5 - 10 drops of the essential stone pine oil. The wonderful scent of the Swiss stone pine unfolds in the room.

Health benefits: The essential oil of Swiss stone pine has proven itself to reduce the heartbeat frequency and thereby sleep more restful and deeply. According to the studies on sleep behavior by * Joanneum Research, Institute for Non-Invasive Diagnostics,
Weiz, Austria, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Maximilian Moser

Quality: The scented wood is included with 10ml stone pine oil and Pine chips supplied.

Swiss Made