Here you will find hand-rolled, Tibetan incense sticks without wooden beams, as well as a selection of Indian incense sticks with wooden beams and incense holders, which are indispensable.

Unique fragrance compositions for your home

Our Tibetan incense sticks are hand-rolled according to the traditional Tibetan formula of medicinal herbs and other valuable substances and do not have a wooden carrier. As a result, these incense sticks burn and smell more intensively than the incense sticks with wooden beams. Our Indian incense sticks are also traditionally produced and have a wooden carrier in the Rebel.

Spells a relaxed atmosphere

The combinations of natural fragrances make the incense sticks rich and convince with the highest quality. The incense sticks are completely free from toxic substances. In general, the incense sticks are used for puja (worship ceremonies) and cleaning, but also in meditation. However, they can also be used to improve the air.