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Our prayer beads are made with semi-precious stones, bones, hand-carved wood, rudraksha beads and cotton tassels. Our unique Mala designs are handmade and lined up in Nepal. Due to the natural materials used, the color and size of the beads may vary.

The importance of a mala

A mala is a prayer chain of pearls of different qualities and designs used to facilitate the recitation of mantras and to count during a meditation exercise. The rhythm of breathing can also be balanced by counting the individual pearls and have a relaxing and calming effect. Like a rosary, the pearls slide through the hand during recitation and so the mantra can gradually take effect. The conscious combination of high quality gemstone beads with suggested mantras creates a strong synergetic power for healing, spiritual learning and well-being.

The different qualities of a mala

From ancient times seeds, e.g. B. Radruksha seeds, used in the manufacture of these chains; but beads for Mala are also carved from the shell of the coconut or from wood. Only recently, since various precious parts were recognized as more valuable, have pearls made of stones such as rose quartz, amethyst or turquoise been used to make mala.

The tradition of a mala

Based on Hindu and Buddhist tradition, the mala has a hundred and eight pearls and a "head pearl". The number 108 is of great peculiarity, both religiously and mathematically. Many of the Hindu deities have 108 names. In astrology, nine planets circle through 12 zodiac signs and make up 108 significant basic constellations. In mathematics the cross sum of 108 is 9 and 108 is divisible by 12 different numbers. In the recitation of a mantra, the positive energy should only really develop after 108 repetitions.

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