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Meditation Benches

You will find meditation benches in stable, high quality design, made in Germany. With the purchase you support our social and ecological commitment.

High quality meditation benches - support for an upright, aware and relaxed way of sitting

A meditation bench supports the meditator to take on an upright and relaxed sitting posture, easy on your back. The bench is well-suited for the heel-seat since it relieves the knees. Because the seating area is tilted forward a bit, the pelvis is also tilted forward slightly, thus supporting the spine, while the abdomen remains relaxed and the breath can flow freely. While the traditional meditation postures like heel-seat and lotus-seat are considered common and comfortable in many Eastern cultures, for many Westerners it is hardly possible to take on such postures for a longer period of time.

Quality made from native woods

All our meditation benches are made from solid wood. We offer you three different types of wood: native pine, spruce or beech. The surface of the meditation stools is finely polished  and untreated. You can decide yourself if you would like the surface oiled or varnished. The fine workmanship makes them durable and long-lasting. We have them produced in approved German sheltered workshops and  correctional facilities.

Meditation stools for every need

The sitting height varies – according to your height and standards – between 15 and 25 centimeters. The seating surface of our meditation bench is calculated such that the meditator has sufficient space. With some models it is straight, for others slightly tilted forward. This makes it easy for you to sit either in heel-seat or with crossed legs.

Meditation bench – the ideal travel companion

We have designed a meditation bench which you can comfortably take to your yoga- or meditation studio. It is made from solid beech and therefore very durable. The sides are foldable so that you can stow the bench comfortably in a bag.

Please give us a call if you have questions regarding the different models – we are happy to advise you.