Sitting Cushion

A sitting cushion for the meditation bench is ideal for long sitting. The cushions are padded soft and warm with wool. So you can linger and relax for a long time with your spine straight in the meditation.

30% Cushion for Benches

Cushion for Benches

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Soft sitting cushion for the meditation bench

The long sitting in a meditation bench from wood can be exhausting and uncomfortable if your lower body is padded not soft enough. For this we offer you a seat cover that can be used for all meditation benches offered here. This softly cushions the hard seat of your meditation bench and allows you to stay in the meditation posture longer with your spine straight. It will help to relax and enjoy the meditation, whether you are sitting on your knees or cross-legged on the meditation bench.

Quality at a fair price!

The offered seat covers are of high quality so that you will enjoy them for a long time. We have our meditation benches made exclusively in German workshops for disabled people by people with physical or mental disabilities. We support local workshops in their social and actual existence.