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Zafu Raja

Diameter 35 cm, Hight 15 cm

Art.No.: 151180

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  • NE-207-rose
  • NE-210-green
  • NE-212-turquoise
  • NE-218-gray
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Lotus Design

Meditation cushion RAJA with tradition

The materials for these meditation cushions come from India and have patterns and designs that are traditionally made in the wood block printing technique. Traditionally these centuries-old craftsmanship techniques are passed on from one generation to the next. Anyone who knows how exquisite and beautiful these prints are. Each color and pattern has its own meaning, and these patterns have also been used for decorating rooms. In shape and color, this meditation cushion is modeled on the very traditional meditation cushions that are still used in India today. In this size, the pillow is very comfortable to handle and the filling of buckwheat husks makes this traditional yogakissen to a light weight.
A meditation cushion with expansion folds

A characteristic feature of this meditation cushion are the expansion folds which give the pillow its particular flatovale shape. The inlet has the same shape as the cover. Thus, this meditation pad retains its flatoval shape. When sitting, the cover gives way, it can stretch and thus the meditation cushion Raja is pleasantly soft, variable and comfortable. A long sitting on the pillow in traditional meditation is guaranteed, whether they have begun meditating or whether they have already advanced.

Meditation cushion RAJA is quality at a reasonable price

For these colors and patterns, a durable and high-quality cotton canvas fabric has been used so you will have lots of fun on the cushion. The seams are superbly finished, making the cover durable and durable. The cover is removable and washable. Also the separate Inlett is made of a durable cotton canvas, can be opened and the filler can be removed.

Raja wades with beautiful colors

Different colors and patterns make this meditation pad unique. The offered colors can be combined with each other. You will get in the same colors other items like neck rollers, yoga bolster and zabuton so that you have great design possibilities to equip your yoga or meditation studio all around.
The characteristics of our meditation cushion RAJA

The Yoga cushion Raja is perfect for people who would like to sit a little higher. The pillow can be used from both sides because the zipper has been worked in on one side in a seam and thus does not interfere with longer sitting. The filling makes the yoga cushion soft and pleasant. With the handle loop it can be easily transported and with the Tassel (Quast) you have a small very nice eyecatcher at the handle loop.

Diameter 35 cm, height 15 cm
Canvas cover printed
Handgrip and tassel
With separate inlet
Filling with buckwheat husks
Cover washable at 30 ° C

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