Meditation Cushion ORGANIC

Here is our offer of organic meditation cushions in certified organic quality, made by people with disabilities, like many of our meditation cushions. As a GOTS certified company, we guarantee the organic quality of our products.

Bio certified meditation cushion

Are you looking for meditation cushions that are produced sustainably and the production process can be traced from the beginning to a finished cushion?  Then you are exactly where you need to be. Some of the fabrics used in our meditation cushions are manufactured according to the strict guidelines of the Global Organic Textile Standard" (GOTS). This means that all products used for this purpose are produced in a controlled organic way and certified before they are put on the market.

Same comfort with the controlled quality

These meditation cushions have been produced not only in an ecological and socially responsible way, they have also been sewn according to the same standards as our conventional cushions. When selecting the fabrics to be used, we place great importance onto durability and light fastness of colors, that is why we order the fabrics from a German producer. They are also produced in the same way as our other round or half-moon cushions. They have a detachable cover and a separate zipper with which the filler can be adapted to suit your seating needs.

Two forms for basic meditation practices

Many people do not want to be forced into the cross-legged or Lotus-seat position straight away without using a suitable seat support. For them, a meditation cushion is indispensable. However, because of their physical constitution, every person needs other aids to be able to sit longer and relaxed. That is why here we offer you the classic meditation cushions for the seat meditation. So you can decide yourself which of the offered bio-meditation cushions corresponds to your sitting requirements:if you require a crescent-shaped one for cross-legged sitting, or rather a round bio-meditation cushion for elevated sitting in heel position.

Find the right position

For beginners, it is not so easy to find the right meditation cushion. This is precisely why one's own demands on sitting in meditation are very high. Just take a normal cushion once at home, and heighten the sitting position by a second one. Slowly approach the appropriate height until you find that you can stay in this seated position for a long time. You do not have to sit in a tailor's seat just because others can. Relaxation is the motto.

Let us advise you

If you are still unsure, you can acquire a posture, in which you can sit relaxed. Is it rather the tailor seat in elevated position or the heel seat? Are you small or strong? All these aspects play a decisive role in choosing the right meditation cushion or yoga cushion. With the three variants available here, such as half-moon cushions, round cushions in 14 cm height for normal sitting or in 19 cm height even for the heel seat, there is something for every seat requirement. In the conversation with your meditation instructor or with us, you will find the right meditation cushion for you.