Meditation Cushion Oval

Are you looking for an oval meditation cushion that supports you in your meditation and relieves your body? Then you are right here.

Why are some meditation cushions oval?

Meditation cushions come in many different forms. Every shape has its advantages. But why are some meditation cushions oval? It is simple: the oval shape allows you to take on a wide variety of seated positions. Whether it is a supported heel seat or cross-legged, your spine straightens up automatically. An oval meditation cushion supports and relieves your back during your meditation, so that you can sit upright for long periods of time without effort and devote yourself entirely to your meditation practice.

An oval meditation cushion relieves your body

Our oval meditation cushions can relieve your knees, hips and spine. Your pelvis will be heightened automatically and you can meditate without any complaints.

An oval meditation cushion is particularly suitable for you if you are pregnant or have problems with your knees or hip. The height of 21 cm makes it easier to sit down and get up than from a crescent-shaped meditation cushion or a Zafu.

An oval meditation cushion by Lotus Design

Our meditation cushions in oval shape, like almost all of our meditation cushions, are made in the German workshops for the disabled. With the purchase of our meditation cushions, you are not only doing something good for yourself, but for others as well.