Meditation Cushion Rectengular

A rectangular meditation or yoga pillow intended for people who already have experience in meditation or who can sit in an upright meditation posture for a long time.

Meditation cushion and travel pillow at the same time

The meditation cushion or yoga cushion Profi offers with low height and small size the possibility to sit low but still comfortably in an upright meditation position. Because of its size it is also ideal as a travel meditation cushion. Due to its shape and due to the selected filling, this yoga cushion is also quickly becoming an ideal travel companion, which can easily be stowed away in the luggage. So you always have your own meditation cushion, without having to get used to other cushions.

Various fillers for different requirements

No matter which filler you choose. With these yoga cushion, you acquire a practical aid for your yoga or meditation sessions. While the buckwheat husks, because of their consistency, make the pad somewhat heavier but more flexible, but with the Kapokfilling you will have a firm but nevertheless pleasantly smooth and light yoga cushion. The Kapok is also insensitive to moisture, which makes travel on the road even more enjoyable.

The quality of the Yoga cushion Profi

For our Meditationskissen professional we use cotton twill from German manufacture. Also the nail cotton is from our German supplier. We almost always make our Yoga cushion professional in German handicapped workshops of people with physical or mental handicap.

Durability with good care

Due to the choice of fabrics and the fabrication, we can guarantee them a long durability when they decide for this meditation pad professional. You can always remove the cover and wash at 30 ° C in the washing machine. The filler can also be exchanged at any time via the zipper.

• handy meditation cushion or yog cushion
• also to be used as a travel cushion
• Cover and inner with zip; Made from 100% cotton
• Size: 40 x 20 x 7 cm
• Weight: 0.8 kg
• Filling: buckwheat husks or capoc fibers
• washable up to 30 ° C
• Manufactured by people with handycap