Meditation Cushion Round

We offer you many round meditation cushions in different colours and heights, with or without embroidery, in organic quality or conventionally produced.

Why are so many meditation cushions round?

Round meditation cushions are probably the best-selling cushions when it comes to meditation. But why is it so? Quite simple! Because round meditation cushions are true all-rounders. No matter if you are just beginning to meditate or if you already have some experience... With a round meditation pillow from Lotus Design you can certainly do nothing wrong. Because a round meditation cushion supports your spine in different sitting positions and helps you to sit upright for a longer period of time without any discomfort. The height of the meditation pillow depends on your own height. If you are not sure which is the right height for you, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you. 

Round meditation cushions - what is the difference between our Basic and Classic cushions?

Round is not always round. Our round meditation cushions are available in different designs, heights and colors, with or without zipper. We are sure you will find the right round meditation cushion for you.
Our meditation cushion Basic  has an inlet and is closed on the underside with a drawstring. You can choose between 13 colours and five different heights. The round meditation cushion Classic differs from the Basic cushion by the immediate zipper, with which the cover is closed. In the Classic line you can choose from four different heights or opt for a colourfully printed round meditation cushion in chakra or block print style. We offer an extra high meditation cushion if needed.

Round meditation cushions are not only suitable for meditation.

Of course, a round meditation cushion is not only there to meditate on. Our meditation cushions with embroidery, for example, can also look very elegant in the living room or as an armchair replacement. They let you dive deeper into the symbolic world of meditation. Different mandalas, the flower of life, variants of the lotus or the classical knot. Which embroidery do you choose? And our brightly colored meditation cushions are here not only to be your meditation companion, they can also beautify your home.

Why should you choose a round meditation cushion?

Quite simple! Because a round meditation cushion is incredibly flexible and has a lot to offer to you. You can try different sitting positions, for example the heel or tailor's seat, your round meditation cushion supports you in almost every position and is therefore very multifunctional. Nowadays we can and should meditate painlessly and pleasantly, as life itself comes usually along with enough inconvenience. Our round pillows support you and can definitely make meditation more pleasant and easy for you.