Meditation cushion Basic

The basic meditation cushions are the classic of our round seat cushions. Choose the right cushion for you from four different seat heights and enjoy your seat meditation. Many beautiful colors round off the offer.

The right pillow height: Meditation cushion made to measure

A meditation cushion for every user

Our basic meditation cushion are available in five different heights and two different diameters, suitable for any demand. We offer an eco-friendly meditation cushion in two of these heights.

The size of a meditation cushion can be easily determined by these three questions:

· What is your overall health status? Is there any discomfort or problems with your knees, hips, the pelvis or your back?

· How flexible are you? What kind of sitting would you like to take while meditating? The four variants are: the Lotus seat, the cross-legged seat, the heelseat and the Burmese seat.

· How tall are you?

The 4 sitting positions when meditating

When choosing a meditation pillow or yoga cushion, the question arises in which position you wish to meditate. You have the choice between four variants.

1. The Lotus seat is probably the picture that most have in mind when they think of a yogi. It is traditional sitting in yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism. Unfortunately, it is very painful for many Europeans and this position can not be taken. In the Lotus seat the legs are crossed and the soles of the feet are pointing upwards. The left foot rests on the right thigh (near the groin) and the right foot on the left thigh.

2. The legs are also crossed like in the tailor's seat, but the knees point upwards. The feet are, in contrast to the Lotus seat, lowered.

3. Whoever has participated in a worship service in a Catholic church knows the heel, because it reminds of kneeling down to pray.

4. The Burmese seating position is a good alternative to the Lotus seat for us Europeans: the legs are crossed similar to the cross-legged seat, but the lower leg lies flat on the ground.

 Before you now go to the yoga store or online to buy a meditation cushion or yoga pillow, you can experiment at home. Books, sofa cushions, towels or blankets are suitable to build a meditation cushion yourself. Take the time to meditate on different heights. What do your body and mind like best? So you have a concrete idea for the later purchase which meditation pillow or yoga pillow suits you and your body.

Our recommendations for meditation pads:

· 7 - 10 cm: Lotus seat and Burmese seat

· 10 - 14 cm: Burmese seat and tailor's seat

· 16 - 19 cm: tailor's seat and heel seat

Other cushions:

· 21 cm: heel seat with a body size of approx. 170 cm

· 25 cm: heel seat with a body size of approx. 175 cm

· 35 cm: heel seat with a body size of approx. 185 cm