Meditation Cushion CLASSIC

Our Classic meditation cushions are simply versatile. Due to the mostly all-round zip, they can be used on both sides and can also be used upright for the heel seat. Just give it a try.

Our Classic meditation cushions are versatile

Our Classic Meditation Cushions offer more comfort and are easy to use for both beginners and advanced meditators.

Whether you choose a small or large seat cushion, all Meditation Cushions Classic will make your practice more comfortable. If you already have experience in meditation and have been able to sit for a long time, then one of the lower pillows will suit you. At low heights, you can comfortably cross your legs.

100% cotton quarantees quality

All seat cushions offered here are made from a high-quality cotton twill produced in Germany. The reliability of our suppliers and the processing guarantee you a long product life. You can remove and wash the cover of your meditation cushion at any time. The separate ticking prevents filler from trickling out. The ticking can be opened with a zipper and you can replace the filler if necessary.

Natural filling for high seating comfort

Our meditation cushions Classic are filled with natural fillers such as buckwheat husks and spelled husks and thus ensure natural seating comfort. Depending on your needs, you can adjust the seat height of the pillows by reducing the filler. All you have to do is open the zippers on the cover and adjust the height of the cushion.

Meditation cushion Classic is not only for beginners

Whether you have just started meditation or discovered relaxation and well-being through meditation long ago, you will make a good choice with a meditation cushion from our Classic series.