Meditation Cushion Zafu

Our meditation cushions Zen are inspired by the ancient Zen tradition. Long and silent sitting is facilitated by the shape and filling of these different Zen meditation cushions and Zafu yoga cushions.

Meditation cushion for ZaZen, yoga and relaxation

Zen Buddhism originated in China in the fifth century of our era. Since the 12th century it has been very widespread, especially in Japan. The aim of sitting meditation, zazen, is to let the thoughts come to rest and to experience emptiness and silence. For both untrained students and experienced Zen masters, there have been and still are different shaped zafu meditation cushions.
A zafu is the classic among the meditation cushions.

Meditation cushion Zafu Zen

If you are looking for a Zen meditation cushion on which you can sit in the classic sitting position, the lotus position, then a zafu is right for you. This round and rather flat seat cushion is mainly intended for advanced practitioners. The knees are close to the floor and the spine is straightened, allowing a longer relaxed sitting on this Zen meditation cushion. The lateral expansion folds give a zafu its characteristic shape and a larger seat area. Traditionally, this central meditation cushion is filled with kapok. With this filler, this Zafu meditation cushion retains its shape for a long time.

Zafu meditation cushions in different variations

You may not be particularly interested in the color of your new Zafu. Then our black Zafu Zen is the perfect choice for you. The classic among the classics offers longevity and fits perfectly and unobtrusively into any environment.

The colorful Zafu Raja and the Zafu Paisley are sure to beautify your meditation corner, your yoga room or your living room in an individual way.

But no matter which model you choose, with a Zafu you will do nothing wrong.