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Meditation Cushion Zafu

Our meditation cushions Zen are inspired by the ancient Zen tradition. Long and silent sitting is facilitated by the shape and filling of these different Zen meditation cushions and Zafu yoga cushions.

Meditation cushion for ZaZen, yoga and relaxation

Zen Buddhism originated in the fifth century of our time in China. Since the 12th century, it has been very common in Japan. The goal is to let the thoughts come to rest in the seat meditation, the zazen, in order to experience the emptiness and silence. For both untrained students and experienced Zen masters, there have been and are differently shaped Zafu meditation cushion for this purpose.

Meditation cushion Zafu Zen

If you are looking for a classic zen meditation cushion, which can be placed in the classic sitting position, the Lotus Chair, the meditation cushion Zafu Zen is the right choice for you. This round and rather flat seat cushion is designed especially for advanced users. The knees are close to the floor and the spine is straight erect, allowing longer relaxed sitting on this Zen meditation cushion. The Zafu-Meditation cushion has its characteristic shape thanks to the lateral expansion folds and thus also a larger seating area. Traditionally, this central meditation cushion is filled with kapok. With this filler, this Zafu meditation cushion retains its shape for a long time.

Zazen exercise in heel

The Zen Baton is the ideal pad for untrained meditators. Its shape makes it possible to sit and meditate in the heel seat as well as in the heel seat.

Support the knee and heel seat

The Zen role, or shiatsu role, has been developed from the Shiatsu, a form of traditional Chinese massage. It is used both as a seat cushion for the knee heel seat and for stabilization in lying positions during massage and relaxation.

In addition to these meditation pads, Zabuton is used as a soft and warming pad for long meditation sequences in Zen Buddhism. This makes long sitting, especially for the knees, a pleasant and relaxed experience.

These classics of the Zen meditation cushions are also used in the yoga and relaxation courses of the MBSR.