Yoga Cushion Crescent

Our crescent pillows, whose shape actually resembles a crescent moon, are particularly popular in yoga. They work wonderfully against the "falling asleep" of legs and can be used in many ways due to their crescent shape.

Yoga Crescent - for a pleasant and comfortable Training

Here we offer you yoga cushions of high quality in many different designs. On a hard floor, exercises to be done sitting can be quite unpleasant. A yoga crescent the training not only more pleasant but also protects the body, e.g. from cooling.

We carry a great variety of yoga cushions and Zafus, depending on requirement, training and use. Our crescent-shaped meditation cushions take ensure an elevated seat and therefore a good contact between knees and floor, plus they give a pleasant stretch of the spine. Sitting on  a Yoga Crescent, the pelvis is slightly tilted forward so that the spine will erect itself, while the belly remains relaxed. The breath can flow freely and the body can relax.

All our yoga cushions are pleasantly firm and comfortable and adapt ideally to your body. Depending on your demand for comfort and taste, we offer our meditation cushions in a great variety of versions. In addition you get a great choice of covers, made of hard-wearing cotton twill, removable and washable at 30°.

A sitting Cushion for the Lotus Seat

You should decide for the yoga-half-moon if you already have some experience in meditation and if you already can sit well and longer with crossed legs. Through the crescent form, the heels have enough space and the downward tilted seat ensures an upright and straight position of the spine. Thus you can enjoy meditation relaxed in a comfortable way.

Yoga Cushion and practical Tool

But the sitting cushion yoga is also a good and practical tool for lying positions. It has proved an optimal support for the head and for the knees angled when lying. Different sizes of cushions give you manifold ways of use.

Optimal Form and Quality

Due to our longstanding experience, we have developed two types of sitting cushion, which leave nothing to be desired. They are very well suited for both short and tall practitioners. We use a robust and durable cotton twill cover made from pure cotton. The workmanship is very solid so that you will enjoy the cushion for a long time to come. 

A Great Variety of Colors

The meditation cushion Yoga Crescent is a classical sitting cushion that you can find with us in many different colors. The colors are matching and make it possible for you to combine the meditation cushions matching your meditation room or yoga studio.

The Properties of the Meditation Cushion Yoga Crescent

The Zipper is lengthwise on the bottom.  For washing you can take of the cover. The separate inlet is filled with buckwheat husk or spelt and closed with a zipper. Thus you can adjust your cushion to your sitting habits any time by taking out filling material.