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Organic Pillows

We offer you various organic pillows with natural fillers made of spelt husk, millet husk, Swiss stone pine, kapok and new wool. All fillers provide ergonomic support and promote healthy and deep sleep.

Lotus Natural® - relaxed and natural sleep

Our sleep is a precious time of our lives - here we regenerate and regain our strength. The quality of sleep contributes greatly to our health and well-being.

We offer you sleeping pillows of organic quality under the Lotus Natural brand. All pillows are made from 100% organic cotton. We use cotton twill as the ticking material, the covers are made of fine cotton satin.

We fill our organic pillows exclusively with natural fillers such as spelt husk and millet husk from a controlled organic cultivation as well as virgin wool from controlled organic animal farming and kapok fibers from wild growth. Are you looking for a pillow made from natural ingredients that promotes sleep and adapts to your ergonomics? Then you are in the right place.

Lotus Natural - sustainable and fair working conditions

Our products are manufactured almost exclusively in cooperation with recognized workshops for the disabled in Germany. Shipping starts from Cologne, where we are based.

Lotus Natural - member of the Association of the Natural Textile Industry

We are a member of the international association of the natural textile industry. V. (IVN). Our production - fabrics, dyeing, finishing, further processing and fillers - is based on the strict guidelines of the IVN - Best - and on internationally recognized social standards.

The IVN Best certificate currently represents the highest ecologically feasible standard. Compared to the well-known GOTS certificate, stricter criteria with regard to the choice of chemicals, colors and auxiliaries must be observed. In addition, only end products made from 100% natural textiles can be certified.