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Whether fitness mat, acupressure mat, fascia roller, gymnastic balls or balance training pad; here you will find the right aid for your whole body and fitness training.

Pilates for body workout and fitness training

Whether fitness-mat, acupressure-mat, fascia-roll, gymnastic-balls or training-pad – here you find the fitting aid for your full body workout and fitness training.

The term ‘Pilates’ stands for a special fitness- and full body workout by which deeper layers of muscles are specifically addressed and trained. Such practices can be done both lying on a yogamat or in standing positions; a healthy posture is the goal.

Specific practices on the Pilates yogamat

As in Yoga, in Pilates aids are also indispensable for continuous training. With the help of rolls, balls, tapes, or pads, different and deep situated groups of muscles are trained by specific practices, done lying down or standing. Thus the muscles are strengthened and with a flowing and even sequence of practices, breathing is consciously integrated.

Slowly strengthen your performance through Pilates

Just as in yoga, in Pilates, too, the slogan applies: “less is more”. An important prerequisite for practicing Pilates is your own health. Only after a personal checkup, which is also offered in many yoga Studios, should you begin to practice. In this training you can say, “Rome was not built in one day” – that means, prevent injuries by adjusting the practices on the yoga- and Pilates-mats to your own capacity. Better go slow, beginning with easy exercises and increasing your training by and by. Time will come when you feel how easy one or the other exercise on the yogamat TPE or the Pilates-mat will suddenly be for you. Or you feel how you lose weight and have to tighten your belt …

“Feel-good effect” through Pilates aids

Now you feel a certain wellbeing and find more and more joy in practicing, whether at home or in the studio. These aids, whether yogamat or Pilates-mat, fascia-roll or fitness-tape, can easily and comfortably be carried. For the Pilates- or yogamat we offer additionally an adjustable shoulder strap. With it, you can easily take your coiled-up yogamat to your studio.