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Fascia Roll

Fascia Roll from Lotus Design® for your effective Fascia training and self-massage, is light, durable and high quality. Ideally suited both for fitness and yoga schools and at home.

Going deep with a fascia roll

Since with Pilates we have a training for the whole body, it is also about massaging deeper lying muscles and loosening more deeply rooted tension through specific training. Fascia rolls lend themselves for this purpose. Due to their well-structured surface, they reach the deeper areas optimally.

Fascia – separating and at the same time formative tissue

Fascia are layers of tissue and lines which envelop and separate muscles, nerves and blood vessels. Through fascia, the transport of lymph liquids to and from the cells takes place. Too little movement and tension can cause a congestion of lymph. The transport of liquids is disturbed and that can have effects on the nervous system. Fascia can stick together and irritate the nerves. The nerves transmit pain stimuli, which can be a signal of too little or wrong movement.

Specific Training for the Whole Body with the Fascia Roll

With specific and repeated training with the fascia roll you can loosen tension and hard muscles, ease pain and support the transport of lymph liquids. Since with the training you only apply your own body weight, you do not need further aids. Therefore you can train legs and back as well as the arms.

Self massage with the Fitness Roll

Too little movement, protective postures and psychic stress can cause the fascia to contract, lose their flexibility and the tissue toharden. Mobility gets less and overexpansion can easily lead to pain and injury. With specific training of stretching and massage, hardening of the tissues can slowly be loosened. With stretching and breathing exercises you will perceive the stiff parts in your body and can specifically massage these areas with the aid of the fitness roll. Since you only use your own body weight, you do not apply more pressure on the stiff areas than absolutely necessary.

High Quality at a fair Price

With the aids for specific fascia offered here, you acquire high quality products made in Germany that are already widely used. High quality craftsmanship makes the rolls hard-wearing. They are suitable as well for the training in studios as for relaxation training at home. The material is hygienic, washable and easy to clean. Due to their light weight, the rolls can easily be carried.