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Are you looking for a gym ball with which you can improve your posture or strengthen your back muscles? Then you are exactly right here. Our Gymball is available in three different sizes.

You can train in a variety of ways with a gym ball

Our gym ball is versatile. But what all types of use have in common is that you train your back muscles and improve your balance and posture. As the name suggests, you can use the gym ball specifically for gymnastics exercises or use it as an alternative to a conventional chair.

Why you should exercise with a gym ball

A gym ball mobilizes, stretches and strengthens your back muscles in a gentle and gentle way. If you regularly integrate it into your training, a gym ball will help you to improve your posture, prevent postural damage and reduce back pain. There are many possible uses: Sitting, lying on your back or lying on your stomach. With a gymball you train absolutely diversified. And if you use it instead of your previous chair, you can easily incorporate the training into your everyday life without any additional effort.

A gym ball is hard-wearing and long-lasting

Our gym ball is made of durable material and is therefore durable. You do not have to be afraid, it does not burst and is nevertheless compliant. We do not use heavy metals, latex and other harmful substances in our production, so that allergic reactions are unlikely.