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Pilates Roll

A Pilates role serves balance and stability training. With the Pilatesrolle you train muscles and joints only with your own body weight.

Pilates roll made of hard foam – the optimal training device

With the Pilates roll you have a training device that is (due to its length) optimally suited for lying down exercises. It is an optimal addition to training on a mat to exercise stability and balance. Above all, the Pilates roll is very well suited to train the upper body, because due to its length the roll can also be used alongside the spine.

Fitness roll – soft shell but hard core

The firm core gives the necessary stability, while the softer outer layer provides comfort for the training. The design of the Pilates foam roll is perfect for the professional use in the studio, in therapy and in personal training. The length of 90 centimeters gives a relatively large contact face and allows for practice parallel to the spine. Exercises that can also be done with shorter rolls give through the length more security in practice, because you do not easily slip from the roll.

Multifunctional use

There are manifold possibilities to apply this Pilates roll. They can be used with Pilates, with fascia training, rehab training, yoga, physiotherapy, self-massage, competitive sports, for mobilization, with balance training as well as in school and club sports. So with the purchase of this fitness roll, you acquire a professional training device.