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Yoga Accessories

In some varieties of yoga we need more than just a yoga mat to practice holistically. Lotus Design has everything the yogi heart could desire ... from the yoga mat, to the yoga towel and the yoga chair.

Whether yoga towel, yoga block, yoga belt, yoga cushion or yoga bolster – in our house, you get more than only yoga mats. Here you find the fitting aids for a good and balanced practice.

Please find below our series of yoga accessories listed

Yoga accessories

For some yoga styles, we need more than only a yogamat in order to practice holistically. Lotus Design carries all that the yogi-heart might wish … from the yogamat to the yoga towel to the yoga stool.

Yoga towel

A yoga towel is found in those forms of yoga where you sweat a lot and where the yogamat can become slippery due to much sweat. Both in Bikram yoga and in Hot Yoga a yoga towel is likely used beside the yogamat. We offer two kinds of yoga towels: yoga towels with silicon knobs so that they can also be used upon a yogamat. You can also use microfiber towels on both sides to dry yourself. We also offer small kerchiefs for your hands, feet, and face.

Yoga block

A yoga block is predominantly used for lengthening the arms. Yoga blocks are generally needed in order to perform certain yoga postures on the yogamat when you are not yet very agile and fit yet. Then these aids are optimally suited to lengthen your tendons and muscles slowly. We have a variety of models: in cork we have the standard yoga block, an oval cork block and the yoga plate. We also offer yoga blocks from EVA foam. These blocks are pleasantly light; available in four different colors.

Yoga Bolster

Yoga bolster are especially suited for lying down-exercises. Often they are used to stretch different parts of the body. Of course you can use a yoga bolster well also for sitting. We offer a selection of kinds and sizes: large bolsters and small bolsters as well as a neckroll and a long yoga roll.

Yoga belt

Yoga belts are mainly used in the Iyengar-style. A yoga belt has a similar function as a yoga-block: with their aid it is easier to practice certain asanas. Our yoga belts are made from heavy duty cotton and have two metal D-rings. They are available in 5 different colors.

Yoga cushions

Yoga cushions are basically the same as meditation cushions. The main difference is that yoga practitioners usually like a lower cushion than the kind used in meditation practice. Therefore, we carry several small meditation cushions. Among them are a round meditation cushion and a halfmoon yoga cushion. Do you need a higher meditation cushion? You find those on our special meditation-cushions-page.