Drinking Bottles and Mugs

Drinking Bottles and Mugs

Our drinking bottles and cups are made of sustainable materials and 100% free of harmful substances.

Beautiful drinking bottles in different designs

Are you looking for a suitable drinking bottle that you would like to take with you to the yoga studio, filled with your favourite drink? Then we have put together a small selection for you here, which will certainly include the right drinking bottle for you.

What speaks for an own reusable drinking bottle

The trend towards having one's own drinking bottle can hardly be overlooked; because unfortunately we still live in one of the largest disposable societies here on the planet and every day millions of drinking cups "togo" end up in the trash. A drinking bottle made of glass or stainless steel, however, can be reused. You can fill it with your favourite cold or hot drink at any time and always have it with you. Meanwhile these bottles keep your drink at the right temperature for a long time, so that you don't have to give up your favourite drink wherever you are. Maybe the only drawback is that you have to prepare your own drink, but be honest, you'll always have that time!

The characteristics of different drinking bottles

Glass drinking bottles are now generally 100% ecological and recyclable. As they can be easily cleaned at any time after use, they are harmless to health. If the glass is not dark coloured, you can always see what is in the drinking surface. A big disadvantage of a glass drinking bottle is of course obvious; it can easily break, so you always need a cover for your glass drinking bottle. Usually it is also heavier than stainless steel bottles.
Stainless steel drinking bottles are rust-proof, usually have a smooth surface and are therefore just as easy to clean as glass. They are very robust and whether you fill them with hot or cold water, they cannot burst and do not break immediately. The disadvantage is that you cannot see what is inside from the outside. For allergy sufferers, it should also be mentioned that stainless steel drinking bottles contain nickel.