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Eye Pillows

Whether in Shavasana or in the next little break - the eye pillow is a good helper to enjoy this time. You can choose from different colors and fillings.

Eye pillows with linseed and lavendel. Relaxing and healing. Soft and with a pleasant smell.

Eye Pillows – Aid for deep relaxation

At the end of a series of yoga exercises an end relaxation practice is done lying down on the back and with your eyes closed. Frequently, even though the body relaxes, the eyes are constantly moving and real deep relaxation seems impossible. However, like with any yoga exercise, which can be learned and perfected by steady practice, even the deep relaxation, called Shavasana, can be learned by using eye pillows.

Relaxation can be learned

To really relax in Shavasana and reach the complete resting state, it is important to feel the relaxation of the whole body, even the eyes. As we know, the eyes in sleep are almost always constantly in motion and observers can see the brain activity from their movements. It is similar during the relaxation phase of Yoga. The eyes just won’t come to rest, because your head is still filled with thoughts, especially when you are beginning your yoga practice. This makes it hard to relax. Eye pillows can be a practical help here, so you can quickly and easily enter the phase of true rest. By using the pillows often, your deep relaxation will develop naturally over time. Pillows can even be helpful between yoga exercises, by adding a short period of rest between each asana. With constant practice, the eyes, and with them the body, come to rest easier. The transition from active Yoga to deep relaxation thus becomes shorter with time. Eye pillows also can be of help in carrying this rest into everyday life.

Eye pillow with linseed and lavender

After a long day of work the mind is excited and yearns for restoration. Take a few minutes and enjoy the light and comfortable pressure of an eye pillow on your closed eyes. Your concentration will flow towards your eyes and help reduce the activity of your eyes and you will feel yourself slowly relax. The lovely fragrance of Lavender is calming and soothing.

You can also use these pillows to help with getting to sleep. Small and handy, you can always take it with you.

Yoga tools for Shavasana

For example, have you ever tried an eye pillow with lavender for your time in Shavasana? An organic eye pillow can help you wonderfully in relaxation, give it a try.