Nasal Douche

With the Neti Pot OM or Mandala nasal jugs, you can use the tried and tested traditional nasal rinsing method to care for your nose and throat and do yourself some good.

With the Neti Pot into the Yoga practice

Are you interested not only in the sporting aspect of yoga, but also in body cleansing techniques, the so-called Kryas? Then try Jala Neti with one of our nasal rinsing pots. This can help relieve blocked noses and alleviate complaints such as hay fever or similar ailments.

Nose cleansing with the Neti Pot to strengthen the immune system

With the help of a nasal rinsing pot, you can easily and comfortably cleanse your nose and effectively try to prevent a cold on cold winter days. But even if your nose and sinuses are very slimy and blocked, a nasal rinsing with the Neti Pot Mandala or the Neti Pot OM can be very helpful.

Traditional nasal rinsing Yala Neti

Traditionally, this kind of nose cleansing has been practiced for many centuries in India by the yogis there, and it even finds its written origin in the holy scriptures of the Vedas. Just try it out, because it is very easy to use and a nose pitcher is part of a yogi's equipment just like a yoga mat or a meditation cushion. You don't have to worry about the right recipe and amount of salt water solution, because you can also find ready-mixed and packaged amounts of lukewarm salt water solution in pharmacies and drugstores.

Experience nasal rinsing together

In case of severe symptoms or persistent phlegm, nasal rinsing with our Neti Pot OM or Mandala Neti Pot does not replace a visit and diagnosis by a doctor. But maybe you will find like-minded people in your yoga group who are interested in nasal rinsing and with whom you can exchange experiences and make a small event out of it. In our yoga online shop you will find top quality nasal rinsing pots made of glazed ceramics in various shapes and colours.