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Neck Rolls

Neck rolls offer you a pleasant relief for your cervical spine, especially during relaxation phases or during a lying meditation.

Neck rolls - versatile

Whether in yoga, in Pilates or at home on the sofa: a bolster offers you many different uses.

Advantages of a neck roll

In general, you prevent pain and tension in the neck and shoulder area by using a neck roll. In the supine position, you support your cervical spine with a neck roll and thus ensure relaxation and well-being. When you have taken a seat on your yoga mat and by laying the neck roll in the supine position transversely under your shoulder girdle, you gently stretch your chest, relieve tension in the thoracic spine and ensure increased breathing volume. A neck roll under the knees relieves your lower back. A neck roll on the side between the knees makes lying more comfortable.

A bolster as a pillow

You can also use a neck roll as a replacement for your pillow. The roll fills the arch between your head and shoulders and keeps your spine upright all night. Do you often suffer from neck pain and tension? Then give it a try and replace your pillow with a bolster.