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Size 33 cm x Ø 12 cm

Art.No.: 173280

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Lotus Design

Neck roll for meditation and relaxation

It does not matter if they use this supportive cushion in sitting or lying exercises. The neck roll serves to relieve the neck and back, as well as the cervical spine and the head. The joints can be spared and the muscles can relax. This yogic supporter is a palpable relief for many lying or sitting asanas.

Yoga supplements for effective support

You can use these yogarolle not only for the support of the neck. The neck roller can also be used very well as a support for the legs in the knee joints or for the chest cradle expansion. They use this yoga aid to prevent deficits or even dyed overstretching of sensitive body regions.

Small size with great effect

Over time, the roll becomes soft and can be filled with spikes after the zipper. The 100% cotton canvas cover is screen printed and can be completely emptied and washed at 30 degrees. The neck roller is also light enough to be transported easily, so you can take it to the Yogastudio.

• Dimensions: length 33 x 12 cm
• Weight: approx. 0.8 kg
• Cover cotton canvas printed with tassel
• Spelled Filling in separate Inlet

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