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Yoga Belt

The Yogagurt is the optimal tool for the deepening and perfecting of the asanas. The metal closure makes it easy to apply.

The Yoga belt optimizes your yoga

The yoga belt is the optimal yoga aid in order to practice the yoga asanas according to your capabilities in the best way. It was developed in Iyengar Yoga but today it also serves in other yoga styles to give excellent support with practicing the different asanas.

Excellent yoga aid in strenuous positions

Especially yoga beginners, but also advanced Yogis and Yoginis do not want to do without the yoga strap. Small and handy, it fits in any smallest yoga tote and is together with yoga mat and yoga towel always present. Handling of the belt is conceivably simple. Once you’ve got how to use it best as yoga aid in your yoga sequences, you do not want to miss it any more.

A yoga belt guards against injury

No one is born a master, even more so in yoga. Therefore, use the yoga belt always when you have a sense that you might need help with the practice of a yoga exercise to minimize the risk of injury. False shame does not lead to your goal and is therefore especially in yoga not advisable. Let someone show you how to use the belt most effectively without risk of injury. Soon you will be able to practice by yourself with the yoga belt.

With the yoga belt you are always in balance

Not every yoga exercise works right away and it is important, that with the use of the belt, too, you always stay with your feeling that tells you how far you can go. If you follow that advice, you will take much pleasure with this yoga aid and it will be easier for you to integrate yoga into your life.