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Yoga Belt YIN & YANG

Size: 38 mm x 2,5 m

Art.No.: N-563018

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  • 11-grey
  • 12-green
  • 13-rose
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Lotus Design

Support the posture with the organic yoga belt

With the organic cotton yoga belt, you can optimize many yoga postures and improve posture, even and especially if you are not yet practiced in yoga. But always make sure that you have the application of this excellent tool shown in advance by your yoga teacher or yoga teacher. This will prevent injuries. Otherwise, you will quickly lose your enjoyment of yoga and that would be a pity.

Yoga aids for stretching and stretching

With the strap you can be extended in different exercises in forward bending or in the backward bend the arms. The exercise is supported, you can stay longer in the asana and your muscles are gently stretched and prepared for the next sequence. Over time, you will notice the progress, the belt is set on the buckles shorter and shorter, until you do not need it at some point.

The organic yogastrap reduces the risk of injury

The length of the organic yoga belt offered here is usually sufficient to support all yoga exercises. In the application of the organic yoga belt, you become more versed and flexible over time. This increases safety and reduces the risk of injury.

Features of the organic yoga belt

With a length of 2.50 m, you have enough reach to extend your hands and arms, even in demanding positions, so that you can spend longer in the respective posture. The belt is made of 100% organic cotton and feels pleasant due to its naturalness. The organic cotton absorbs the sweat of the hands and releases it back to the room air; so we largely prevent the slipping of the yoga belt. If necessary, the belt made of organic cotton in the washing machine at about 30 ° C wash.

Size: length 2.50m x width of the belt 3.8cm
Material: 100% pure organic cotton
Metal ring closure
Washable at 30 ° C
Easy to stow
Colors: anthracite, light gray, green, rose

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