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Yoga Blocks

Are you looking for a yoga block to help you practice on the yoga mat? Then you will surely find the right yoga block here with us.

Yoga Mat and yoga blocks: A good team

Have you already purchased a yoga mat. Now you are looking for a yoga block that gives you security while practicing, and with which you feel comfortable when you exercise? Then our various yoga blocks will help you. They are one of the most popular aids in yoga and are used in a variety of ways. If you use a yoga block for the "cobra", you may be amazed at how intense you feel the stretching in your body. But this yoga resource has more to offer. For certain postures it is necessary that the hands and feet are properly oriented. The yoga block is very suitable for this purpose.

Help with stretching exercises and difficult yoga positions

Yoga blocks serve as a small, easy tool which helps you in the performance of your yoga exercises and helps to optimize the posture in the respective asanas. They "lengthen" the arms in standing postures, give you more seat height in sitting positions and serve as a support for various lying asanas.

Quality of natural cork or foam

Normally the yoga blocks are light and yet enormously stable. Cork is a soothing and firm natural material with a non-slip and grippy surface. The foam blocks have a velvety surface, are slightly softer and therefore lighter than the cork block.

Yoga block - versatile forms

The choice of yoga blocks made of cork offers you different shapes. The yoga block oval, or yoga egg, supports your physical curves in lying and sitting, the rectangular yoga block cork extends your arms in standing postures and the Yoga plate cork is the ideal support of the for the shoulder stand. Here you have the choice.

The characteristics of yoga blocks

Choosing the right yoga block is also dependent on the particular yoga form you practice. You have the choice between cork or foam. Cork is slightly firm and gives you a firm and secure hold during yoga exercises. The yoga tools made of natural cork surround you during training with a gentle touch of nature. Yoga blocks made of foam, on the other hand, are slightly softer and adapt to your body softly and support a little more softly. Foam pads can be washed well. Decide for yourself what will help you feel good.

During your yoga practice - shoulder stand plate

Have you been practicing shoulderstand for some time? But are you afraid of neck problems? Then try it with a shoulder stand plate. This reduces the risk of injury and is easier to get into the shoulder stand.